Wednesday, March 21, 2012

StumbleUpon, a Truely Awesome Social-Bookmarking Site

When I threw out my tv, that had a huge positive impact on my life. Less procrastination, less hours wasted to watch stupid ads and idiotic titillation hacked together to form some kind of semi-coherent plot.


I ran into a problem, though.

From that point on, every time I decided for some lazy media consumption, I had to take a decision: what to watch, what to search for. And that gets rather tiresome, even with youtube's suggestions. You somehow just end up looking at the same or similar stuff, over and over again. Your brain simply produces the same search keywords, again and again.

And sometimes, I'm tired enough to simply not want to think, and be served whatever media someone else thinks is good for me.

Only recently, I've discovered an online tool that is just perfect for that scenarioStumbleUpon!

The idea is that you give them a list of your areas of interest (including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO porn, you perv! *g*). And they will randomly serve pages fitting to those criteria. If you like something, you thumb it up so you get results better fit to your personal taste. And of course, you add pages that you like to their system, so the experience gets better for everyone.

It's gold. It really is. I'm shamelessly advertising this here. And they didn't even pay me for that. It's just so perfect for my needs, it makes me smile. The benefit to me is, obviously, that, sinc you're reading this blog, we will probably share some of our interests, so if you join StumbleUpon, it'll ultimately benefit my Stumbling.

My account there is, so if you care for it, visit me there, and start Stumbling.

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