Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Another round of no-play

We're back in the game since monday night.

It's been a while.

It is definitely true that I have grown less attentive in my "free" time. Of course, day-to-day life plays its part, but mostly it is like all the chastity connaisseurs say: all work and all play makes a man a dull boy. It's interesting to experience this firsthand.

The rules are:
  1. No cumming, obviously, except on demand.
  2. I may touch myself though, as long as she doesn't explicitly prohibit it.
  3. I may read porn only if I wrote it myself. I must not watch any porn. Images are okay, but if they excite me I lot, she wants to see them too.
  4. She wants frequent kisses.
  5. I will receive some form of attention every day. Many of those might be a bit uncomfortable, but not necessarily every one.
Also, I have a new theory:

I believe that male chastity is a way to get women to pay attention to the males' sexuality. It is the one thing that almost always is completely overlooked, even moreso in conservative, traditional relationships. We're simply supposed to be horny, and to desire our ladies,  and while they may deisre us back, some egocentric urge in us just does not get satisfied this way.

Ironically, chastity helps us be recognized in our sexuality.

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