Thursday, December 22, 2016

Acute not-yet-resolved sexual tension at the pub

Yesterday, I got to witness what I can only describe as a scene of intense lust and mutual seduction. Just writing it down makes me drool all over again, while at the same time feeling for our young heroes.

I was with my supermodel girlfriend at one of our favourite pubs. A guy and a girl came in, maybe around 20-25ish, and sat down at the bar. Cute blonde petite girl, and I have no idea what the guy looked like, except for his long brown hair and his beard. I'm sure he was rather good-looking though.

I said to my girlfriend that those two had not yet had sex, but were about to, later tonight. She agreed.

The next time I looked, the girl had her hand dangerously close to the guy's thigh, but not touching, all the while she was talking about whatever they were talking about. The guy did not react to this at all. Then, perfectly in alignment with some punchline in one of her jokes, her fingertips, ever so slightly, touched his knee.

Over an hour or so, that longing physical closeness escalated, ever... so... slowly. Hands touching each other for a second, fingertips touching the outer side of his leg, hand almost stroking him, but not quite. Finally, hand settling on him.

I was amazed by the sheer disconnect between what happened quite literally at face level, and what was really going on below. Smalltalk and jokes and what I'm sure constituted some witty dialogue. And at the same time, physical intimacy that spoke volumes of longing, desire, thrill, seduction, expectation. All of that was made even sweeter, more precious, by the fact that it was the girl chasing the boy this time. I have rarely witnessed this constellation. It was her who was facing towards, him facing the bar. It was her trying to touch, him trying not to be touched too much by the touch.

At some point, they turned towards each other, and his knees ended up a bit between hers. At that point, I guess the whole thing was really settled. The rest was play time, keeping up the appearance, not giving in to temptation all too soon. I am absolutely certain that they left together, and that what I saw was just one small fraction of the main attraction. They still had not kissed, but... Oh boy!

Sadly, my supermodel girlfriend felt that we were invading their privacy a bit, and we left. I coulda watched them for a few hours more without getting bored. It was thrilling like the first season of Battlestar Galactica, and fascinating like pretty much everything to Mr Spock.

And also, calll me insensitive, but I don't see how one invades someone's privacy by just watching them in a public place. I rather like to think that my one and only was a tad jealous.

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