Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A little follow-up to my last posting

Amending my last posting on the current state of my chastity affairs, I would like to add the following:

I do experience a hugely increased urge to "serve", i.e., plain old do a lot for, my girlfriend. I feel deeply in love, very romantic, I want to take her out to dinner and do a lot of little stuff, like vacuuming the bedroom, without mentioning it. I always loved her a lot, it just went from intense to hyperrealistic, from comfortably warm to hellishly hot.

This is so entirely clichéd as to border on embarrassing!

Now, I'm fairly certain that this has to do with the hormonal changes involved in our roleplay, and it coincides with what every other practitioner of bdsm-type chastity will profess, but I would not like to neglect the possibility that this is simply thankfulness -- after years and years of not being able to live one's fantasies, finally having a partner who is as appreciative, cooperative and adventurous as that is simply fantastic, and I am indeed deeply thankful to her.


  1. This is so entirely clichéd as to border on embarrassing!

    LOL - At least you're self-aware about this.

    1. Isn't there an obligation to fulfill the applicable clichés, if possible?

  2. We take breaks and go back to it, and each time we go back, it affects me in pretty much the same way. I just attribute it to a) being horny, and b) being appreciative that she is playing along. Also, c) horny.

  3. Oh, yes, horniness is one big factor.

    Let me wonder about those clichés though. As aspiring chastophiles, we all lap up all those stereotypes like they're milk and we're kittens, and they act like placebos. So they are in part responsible for our experiences.

    That and, of course, horniness.

    And now I ask myself whether Moses was really so horny as they say.