Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Of The Most Important Questions You'll Never Answer

What I don't get is how people manage to KNOW all that stuff.... I mean, they just... somehow... KNOW that only life-long monogamy can be the way to go for everyone, that black people are stupid, that women are superior, that intelligence is the measure of a human, that empathy is extremely important, that rape is a faith worse than death, that god exists, that Jesus died for our sins, that Mohammed was the last prophet, that a huge pandemia is coming, that homosexuals can't raise kids...

(Hint: I do share at least one of those beliefs. Challenge: Find out which one.)

How does one do that?


  1. Rape is a "faith" worse than death???

    I'm hoping you believe empathy is important.

    1. Too obvious?

      Fascinating typo there. Don't go ask Mr Freud about it, please.

  2. Too late. I held a seance and brought Mr. Freud up from Hell where he has been busy conducting an in-depth analysis of Satan (HUGE father issues, he says). Anyway, Mr. Freud would like to know if you have recurrent fantasies of being reverse-gangbanged by a gaggle of Playboy Bunnies. And if you think such an occurence would bring about signifigant positive changes in your life (ie. serve some sort of redemptive/transformative function?)