Friday, June 22, 2012

Examples of kindliness

I just stumbled upon this little video.

Now, it makes me kind of sad to see huge companies exploiting stuff like that for their advertisements. It seems like ads are the last resort of happy feelings. And that is a sad thing.

But, let's skip that for a moment. And let's also forget that security cameras are a highly two-sided affair.

For the moment, let's focus solely on a vision: What if, one day, the evening news were full of images of people helping other people? Just for a week, maybe. What if, just for a few days, we all focused on what positive and friendly acts people around the world commit all the time? When you look at footage like that, doesn't it inspire you to be a little better yourself? To just pick up that phone that someone dropped, and hand it to them?

After all, we learn mostly by example. Therefore, showing examples of kindliness should make the world a better place.

Well and maybe, perhaps, we can even get it going without a soft drink label attached.

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