Friday, January 20, 2012

Weird dream


Very weird, very funny dream tonight... and actually, the first erotic dream in years (literally), and I find that awesome because I've always liked those.

So, I was in an office that seemed to be mine, in a bunk bed on the upper bed. I was Captain Kirk. And at the same time I was William Shatner. I was ... ahem... with... a crew member who was female, but not quite - some kind of alien in a way. We were both naked and fully clothed at the same time. And then I noticed that the rest of the crew was watching us through the windows, so after a little panic attack, I used the remote control to pull down the blinds.

And that's it. I mean, hurraaaay I was Da Shatner! And I... WAAAAAS... thefriggincaptainoftheenterprisethebeststarshipintheuniverseatanystardatewhatsoever!

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