Sunday, January 8, 2012

The "balloon pump" exercise

This exercise is a synthesis of a few tantric and taoist exercises that I've read in several books, so if you're a purist of one specific brand of tantra, or if you're opposed to the neotantra craze, you'll probably not want to try this.

You have been warned.

It consists of the usual basic tantric elements:

  • breathing into the pelvic floor
  • using the PC muscles
  • directing the breath/energy upon exhaling
  • visualisations
Now, the trick here is WHAT to visualize, and WHERE to direct the energy.

If you're a beginner, it's probably best to first train each step before putting them all together.

  • Best practice seated. It seems to be easier to stay focussed that way.
  • Use slow, mindful strokes on your cock, so you don't hastily go into ejaculation.
  • As always, be sure to caress your WHOLE cock, not just the tip.
  • When you INHALE, relax the muscles and direct the breath into your scrotum. (the taoist "scrotum breathing" technique)
  • Imagine your scrotum as a balloon that inflates (as much as you like) when you inhale.
  • When you EXHALE, clench your PC muscles, deflate the balloon and direct the breath/energy directly from the scrotum, one by one, into...
  1. the pelvic floor itself
  2. the anus
  3. the prostate
  4. the lowest vertebra of your spine
  5. and so on, up and up your spine
  6. up the back of the head
  7. the crown chakra
  8. the third eye
  9. the mouth
  10. the neck
  11. the chest
  12. the belly
...and so on until you've reached the pelvic floor again.

Of course, it totally depends on you what "steps" you take to direct your breath, and where you direct it. I usually aim to make the steps as small as possible - ideally, I want to cover each vertebra separately, though I never manage to do so.

It is certainly beneficial to "rest" upon each separate spot for a few breaths - until it feels "filled" or starts tingling... the criteria here are a matter of practice. I just get the impression that it's enough for this one particular spot, after a while, so I move on. (Or I simply grow impatient, but that wouldn't be "spiritual" enough, so I never said that and you have no idea I did, okay?)

When I've reached the belly, it often feels like an intense flow of love and strength emanating from there.

I also make a point of including the arms and legs - on the soles of the feet, this feels almost like a foot massage; and I figure that, since my knees sometimes feel a little sore, they can only benefit from this kind of care.

And by the way, when I first tried this, I tried to separate the left extremities from the right, but I didn't manage to do so, so I gave it up and just go both at the same time.

So, that's it - balloon and pump away! And be sure to give me feedback after a while!

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