Saturday, October 8, 2011

Practice in a sitting position!

For the males among us who practice on their own, I strongly suggest giving the lotus seat, or a similar sitting position, a good try. I think this bears mention, since most of us - such as myself - probably got used to masturbation lying down (right before sleepy time, probably), adn to be perfectly honest I found it rather amusing when I realized how obviously stupid this is.

I mean, think about it: When you're lying on your back, how easy is it to reach your penis? If you're not well-endowed beyond all human possibiltity, it's probably not all that comfortable, right?

But even then - can you reach your perineum (aka "Million Dollar Point" or "Male G-Spot") with your OTHER hand? If so, I applaud you - you've just evolved back into a monkey! I rather think it safe to assume that most people are rather built like myself - mere mortals - and cannot easily pull off that feat.

However, sitting up in a lotus-like position, it is ridiculously easy to do that. And boy, will it make your practice more enjoyable!

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