Sunday, September 25, 2011

A few news

It is utterly refreshing to encounter a tantric masseuse with a good sense of humour. Down to earth, slightly edgy humour. Yes, that means you, "N". We had lots of fun together, didn't we?

And also, I enjoyed the utter honesty with which she admitted that this is not "authentic tantra". It sure isn't. It's sensual massage with a spiritual bent. It is utterly exciting, and extremely relaxing. It is great for the body and excellent for the soul. But it surely has next to nothing to do with traditional indian tantra. "N" even said that a few indians came to her place, to find out what europeans mean by the term, "tantra". According to her, the consensus was that it's completely unauthentic, but utterly enjoyable. Sounds cool to me!

And also, the different styles of different tantrikas!

"M" is lascivious, forceful, dominant, and uses her whole body as an instrument.

"N" is more subtle, more refined.

With "M", you get a full-body massage with a happy ending, and she'll happily invade your ass for a "prostate massage" that is quite reminiscent of a dominatrix.

With "N", you will not get the happy ending, but boy will she give your lingam a good time. I wanted it to end, I wanted to cum, and at the same time, I wanted it to go on and on and on... Now, this is what I refer to as fun!

It has also inspired me to go further down that road. I want that energy, I want that feeling, I want that!

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