Saturday, January 21, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Pleasure of Witnessing a Master Teacher

A few days ago, I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing a chess player teach his art to a young boy.

There was absolutely nothing patronizing about his attitude. He didn't talk down to the boy. He never corrected him. He did not care one bit about winning. In fact, when he saw a good move, he was genuinely thrilled about where that might lead the game.

When the boy made a move that was probably dubious, the man would say "Interesting choice. Now, let's figure out what might happen next. I might do this, and then this, and then this... So, let's figure out together how you could position your pieces even better?"

It was not like they were playing a game against each other, but just having fun together over their game.

It was truly inspiring, and the boy seemed to absolutely love every single bit of it. I would like to see way more things like that!

Trump ignoring a journalist

The link is to a video where Trump ignores a CNN reporter because "your organisation is bad".

Here's what I would really like to see:

The next time Trump ignores a journalist like that, the next journalist he turns to should simply repeat the question of the first journalist. And then the next. And the next. Until he answers the question.

That would be so rewarding to watch!

Here's a link to the reddit list of Trump calling media "fake news" or similar: