Sunday, November 25, 2012

Healthy food

After a month or so of eating almost only vegetarian, and mostly vegan food, here are my first few insights:

  1. Yes it does make me feel better indeed.
  2. I will never go "100%". My aim is to live better, not to be a fanatic. And besides, I don't want to miss out on my mother's extremely delicious dinners.
  3. Weight loss might be a welcome side-effect, but it shouldn't be the primary goal.
  4. Learn to cook for yourself. There are utterly delicious recipes out there, and you'll never get anything even close to that in a restaurant. The video that finally convinced me of this and made me start this thing, was one for vegan bolognese. I swear I have never eaten a pasta bolognese this tasty ever before! (If you want to look it up, the guy's name is Attila Hildmann, but it's in german, so I won't link it here.)
  5. It doesn't have to be salad.
  6. I had always thought that healthy cooking takes a lot of time. Turns out, the opposite is the case. It's a matter of 10-20 minutes for most things I try.
  7. Healthy food is largely a matter of organisation. There are companies that deliver weekly boxes with greens and fruits. Just have to place an order.
  8. Tofu has no taste. Instead, it takes on any taste you add.
  9. The craving for meat, fat and sugar does indeed vanish after a while.
  10. There's a vegan burger recipe (involving tofu, onions, mustard, tomatoes, chillies, agave sirup, avocados, cashews, ...) that I desperately need to try next week.
  11. Popped Amaranth + Yoghurt + Syrup!
  12. Popped Amaranth + Yoghurt + Syrup!
  13. Popped Amaranth + Yoghurt + Syrup!!!!!!!

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