Saturday, April 14, 2012

Experiment with breath, chakras, and a word

Here's a little experiment. It might take you 5-10 minutes or so:

  1. Choose some attribute that you like. For example, "creative", "enthusiastic", "motivated", "strong", etc.
  2. Think of that attribute.
  3. While thinking of that attribute, focus on the first chakra. Repeat the attribute in your head, while breathing into the first chakra.
  4. Then do the same for your second chakra, with the same word.
  5. Do you notice any difference? Which chakra "responded" stronger? Were there images popping up? Are the images for the second chakra different from the ones for the first chakra?
    Do not try to change anything. Just note it.
  6. Go on through all the chakras, from pelvic floor through solar plexus and heart, up to crown chakra.

Now take note of your feelings.

Did anything change? Was it a change you liked?

Now, you might want to decide to include this into your daily schedule. Or not. Your call.

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