Friday, March 16, 2012

I get it - but it's impossible to explain

I think I'm starting to get it... that thing about not ejaculating, and keeping the energy instead.

Strangely, any and all descriptions I've read so far were oddly wrong. Not that they were completely wrong, mind you... more like, subtly missing the goal by a hair's breadth.

I don't think that any blame lies with those descriptions. The folks who wrote that stuff clearly came from experience.

It's that subjective, that hard to explain.

So I'll give it yet another self-defying try.

As far as technique goes, it's all about breathing, going very slow, training your PC muscles, focusing inward, and most of all -- letting go of the expectation of orgasm.

On a deeper level, though...

It's about a balance of control and letting go.
It's not about force.
It's about slowness.
It's about where you put your focus.
It's not about KEEPING, but about MOVING.
It's about breath.
It's about realizing what you really need.
It's about acceptance.

Ultimately, it's all about love.

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