Friday, January 6, 2012

Taoist, Tantric, Confusion

That massage I received today... it had been advertised as a tantric massage. The ad was laden with esoteric stuff, but also seemed like a sex ad, so... I just gave it a try.

I'm *pretty* sure that it was actually a taoist massage á la "Dr." Stephen Russell. The masseuse herself was convinced that it was tantra. My indicators: There was no "lingam massage", no happy ending, but it was a fairly forceful thing with lots of full body contact, the like of which I haven't yet seen in tantric massages.

So, there are three kinds of very similar, yet subtly different massage types, AT THE VERY LEAST: taoist massage á la "Dr." Stephen Russell (no junk fiddling, no ejaculation, no prostate massage), taoist massage á la Dr. Joe Kramer (maybe junk fiddling, maybe ejaculation, I don't know about the prostate massage), and tantric massage, where all three are optional, but the somewhat-hindu ritual isn't.


No, I don't mean to complain about my lack of cumming today. The experience was totally awesome actually.

I just kinda wonder: If I were to ask followers of all three disciplines WHY they think that one method is best, or at least what criteria I might use to decide which one to take... does anybody here seriously think that I would get any useful kind of answer?

Because I seriously don't.

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