Sunday, August 21, 2011

List of possible topics

These are a few of the topics that Skeptic Tantrika plans to cover, explore and define in the clearest terms possible, at some point:

* Energy healing - fact or fraud?
* What on earth might sexual healing be, and does it even exist?
* So, what exactly is an energy orgasm?
* If Qi or Chi does not exist - what, then, goes on in an energy orgasm?
* Are Male Multiple Orgasms at all possible?
* The relationship of experience and interpretation, and what they have to do with science, religion, and spirituality
* How can western science claim to say anything about tantra, qi, energy healing, etc.?
* What do you know about female tantra?
* How can a scientifically minded skeptic not be convinced by tantra and other eastern schools of thought, once they have experienced energy orgasms and tantric sexual healing?

Please, do feel free to add suggestions or critizisms. This blog is a living entity, a complex, strange feedback loop!

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  1. I was drawn to energy healing i strongly believe in this and I fear we can conquer anything if we put our mind to it, truly inspiring.